Monday, August 12, 2019

The C-Word

It's no good telling me its too early for Christmas!
I mean in all fairness I bought my Christmas crackers in January so you're not going to get through to me!
But lots of Christmas events are already open for booking and some are even full! 
So I'm going to share with you what I've already got booked this year...

1) The Grinch at the Showroom Theatre

Martin LOVES the Grinch and watches it all year round so when I saw this event on North East Family Fun's facebook I booked up straight away! It's a screening of the film with an added milkshake and cookie with a visit from the Grinch himself. For £10 pp it's not badly priced at all and I'm going to get the train in and see Fenwicks window to make a day of it (and possibly book Santa on the rooftop too if we can!) 
Fenwicks Window 2017

2) Centerparcs Winter Wonderland

I'm actually going to write a whole post on my love for Centerparcs! But I've always wanted to do winter wonderland and I'm really excited that we'll be able to see it this year! I got the deal earlier in the year (it's since gone up by over £100 so worth booking early) and I was able to book a trip to Santa's grotto last month for £16. There are lots of other activities to book but Martin is happy enough to swim all day which is FREE. 

Centerparcs earlier this year.

3) Pizza making with Santa

I'm always on the look-out for different Christmas events to keep it interesting for the whole month and this was right up our street last year at the Newcastle Airport Hilton.
For £12.95 per child the visit includes a pizza they can make themselves along with a drink, a disco and visit from Santa (who of course gives you a selection box!) 

There are prizes for dancing and Martin got WELL into this last year! I took my two nieces too and it was a hit with all of them. There is a simple adults menu to order food from and last year I ordered a delicious turkey sandwich with roast potatoes and gravy! 

Pizza Making with Santa 2018
If you've got any recommendations for anything else we should be doing please comment below!

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