Monday, September 23, 2019

Why I buy gifts for my ex-husband...

Today my ex-husband turns 41. By this time last year I had spent months secretly squirreling money away, organising a surprise birthday bash and spent both time and effort on gifts.

Here's the thing... I will always get him a gift. Even on fathers day when the break up was quite fresh I made sure he had a gift. 

I haven't even had so much as a 29p Card Factory Card for Mothers Day or my Birthday but I will still make sure there is something there to wrap up. And I always will.

Because it's not from me, it's from our Son.

My parents divorced when I was little and buying my Dad and Step Mum gifts was always a struggle. My sister and I used to save our dinner money to club together and get them a little gift but obviously that's not ideal. And it's not something I ever want Martin to worry about. 

When he's old enough I will ensure he has some money to choose things himself but until that day I will ensure that every Fathers day, Birthday and Christmas he will have something to give his Dad. Not because I want Peter to have a gift to unwrap but because I know Martin, kind loving boy that he is, will want something to give.

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  1. You are amazing and I fully agree with you. Hats off to you sister every time xx


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