Monday, October 21, 2019

Haven Point

This will be the first time I’ve devoted an entire blog to a particular place but you know what this place is so good it deserves it!

Since having Martin four years ago every time a fellow Mammy asks about where to go swimming on Facebook the answer is always “Haven Point”

Being all the way over in South Shields I hadn’t ventured there before but on Martin’s birthday we found most places were shut so I decided to give it a try.

It’s really not difficult to get to, there is a pay and display car park outside and as it was a weekday there was plenty of space (and also the facility to pay via your phone which is handy!)

As I have anxiety I can get very nervous about going to new places but the staff behind the reception desk sharp made me feel comfortable straight away. The lovely lady clocked Martin’s birthday badge and wished him a happy birthday. She explained where everything was, the slides we could use and then came out from the desk to walk us to the door to show us where we were going.

It was also a bargainous £6.50 for the two of us!

The changing rooms were spotless, lovely and warm and the lockers were much bigger than what we were used to.
Martin always has a snack while I get ready!

Haven point has three pools, one standard pool for adults, one teaching pool and then the leisure pool which is where we were. The leisure pool is amazing and so warm! There’s also a bubble pool and two larger slides (but Martin wasn’t brave enough for that!)

It was much nicer getting changed afterwards in a warm facility (lets face it, it is the worst part!) and then we went for well deserved fish and chips and a gander at the amusements.

A 4th Birthday well spent!

Birthday Slush

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