Friday, November 22, 2019

Smoke and Mirrors...

There is so much pressure these days to look good on Social Media (and I should know, I do it for a living!)

Getting that perfect picture and filtering it just right, sometimes overshadows the moment. 

We live in a world where people watch live music through the screen of their phone and show up at an event just "for the 'Gram".

We aren't unaware of the effect this has on our mental health, we just choose to ignore it! 

I've always suffered of a case of the green eyed monster, always watched other social media accounts enviously and I know it does me no good.

I've always felt a lot of pressure to give Martin a "perfect Christmas" but this year even more so because it's my first as a single Mam. 

So for this reason, I'm coming off Facebook for the whole of December. 

Not only will it save all my friends and family a month of Elf of the Shelf pictures but it will stop me comparing our Christmas to everyone elses. 

Because ours will be pretty damn great!

Katy x

Perfect representation of Real Life V Instagram!

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