Friday, February 21, 2020

Diggerland as a Single Mam

Diggerland is a unique theme park based in Durham. It's been on our list for a while as Martin loves diggers so I got an amazing black Friday deal on our tickets and paid just £12.95 per ticket. You do have to choose a specific date though.

Standard admission is £23.95 (£19.95 if you pre-book) but Diggerland always seem to have deals off for off-peak seasons which is worth checking out.

I've seen a lot of complaining about the price (it is quite a small place) but when you look at the cost of the equipment they have to maintain it's completely understandable.

We had booked for a particularly baltic day in February so we didn't last the whole day but there is definitely a days worth of entertainment to be had. I didn't mind spending half a day there as our tickets were so cheap.

I was really really anxious about taking Martin to such a male-orientated place on my own but the admission staff were so friendly and welcoming and explained everything to me. There is also a safety video to watch (although I found this difficult to listen to as I am not great with background noise).

The first ride we went on was the Diggerland train, I was able to go on with Martin which was ideal and a great start to the day. 

He then wanted to try the Dumper trucks, time for Mammy to drive! I was very nervous about this but they do go very slow and again the staff were so helpful.

So proud of myself for driving this!

Martin's absolute favourite was the Mini landrovers, he went on these twice. I was amazed he managed to steer them ok (ok he crashed twice but was rescued very promptly).

Loving life.

Martin didn't like the look of the bigger rides but older kids would certainly have a ball on the likes of Spindizzy and Sky shuttle (in the background of the above pic)
We did have a go at skittles which I found immensely difficult, I just cant get the hang of the digger controls! 

After getting a big chilly we headed inside for a warm up, there is a small soft play area and a little tikes play area that Martin enjoyed and some games that you pay for. (I had come equipped with pound coins as this is always the case where ever you go) We had a game of air hockey and a go on the small diggers. I did resent paying £1 for this one as the ones outside were free but I figured it was worth it to stay warm for a bit longer!

We grabbed some lunch from the cafe (you can bring a picnic for outside in warmer weather) I had a tuna toastie and Martin had a sandwich box. However the man in front of me ordered chicken burgers and they looked amazing! (next time!)
Kids lunchbox £4.50
After venturing back outside we went on the JCB (I was terrified that I might have to drive it but the operator said he would do it for us no problem and Martin's face was a picture all the way round).

My favourite was the Safari ride, where you're driven round in a SUV spotting animals in the forest. The driver really made this experience great and even wiped Martins lunch box on his jumper for me what I dropped it in the mud! 

Martin enjoyed the go karts too and we got a few pictures before the rain really started to set in.

All in all we had a great time but the staff really made the experience special and I was so grateful to them. The gift shop is very well priced, even if you are on the skint side you can get a Diggerland medal for just 99p and the staff will give you a certificate, colouring book and stickers on exit which I thought was a great touch.
I thought the PJ's were a great souvenir at £6.99
I would definitely visit again, especially off-peak as there were virtually no queues. Although I am tempted to come in the nicer weather too. All in all a great day out!!

A great touch.

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